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At the start of 2019, Swinkles Family Brewers required  a new Global identity for their Bavaria 0.0% pilsner. This identity had to speak to the world, as it was to form the base of all comms outside of Holland.

Project Disciplines 

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Brand Rollout

Art Direction

Social Comms


Motion Graphics

Out Of Home




Bavaria is unique in the world of global brewers - it is still 100% independent and family owned. By anchoring the single minded proposition to this brand truth, we aimed to evoke an emotive connection with the consumer that would engender brand loyalty . This was then activated with the idea that you can enjoy a 0.0% beer and still go and do something amazing.

Derby Partnership

As part of the UK launch of the new identity and lines, Bavaria have partnered with Derby County Football Club, and have therefore become the first 0.0% beer to sponsor a Championship team. This has fostered a great relationship, and worked as a fantastic testbed for global rollout. 


The launch of the rebrand has been successful at raising brand and product awareness in the UK. Q1 2020 will begin the next stage of global roll-out to new and established markets. 


The campaign reached over 230,000 
targeted consumers over 5 months of experiential sampling. 


It covered 12 different events over the summer campaign. Sampling at train stations, music festivals and food shows.


100% of the audience we engaged with said they were likely to tell their friends about the Bavaria brand and our 0.0% product. 


83% of the audience  said they would consider purchasing the product after sampling.

ALL Communication is a science as well as an art. 

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